AT&T 5620 (Blit/DMD) software

Seth Morabito lists at
Sun May 29 15:44:27 CDT 2016

If I may follow up to my own post here, I've done some experiments,
and made some discoveries.

I first installed "DMD Core Utilities 2.0". The demo programs all work
beautifully in stand-alone mode (not running under Layers).  But when
I try to fire up /usr/dmd/bin/layers, the 3B2 crashes _hard_.  It does
not like the version of 'layers' installed by DMD Core.

So, I installed "AT&T Windowing Utilities" from SVR3.1, and confirmed
that both of them can live together side-by-side, since they write
their files to different locations. I was able to run /usr/bin/layers
without any problem. All of the programs, utilities, and demos
installed by "DMD Core Utilities 2.0" function fine under the version
of layers installed by "AT&T Windowing Utilities".


So, that's my current setup. I run /usr/bin/layers, and then run the
apps from /usr/dmd/bin


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