Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Tue May 31 18:02:49 CDT 2016


       I'm trying to get my 11/94 running. Its a hybrid having both Q 
and Unibus. The CPU card  has a KDJ11-E

18Mhz processor with 4Mb ram and six serial ports plus the console on 
board. Apart from a voltage monitor card

that's all there is in the Qbus section.

Between the Q and Unibus sections is a special  convertor card (KTJ-11B 
UNIBUS adapter.)

After the KTJ-11B I have one slot with an RX211 8in floppy controller in 

All of the other slots have bus grant cards except the last one that has 
a terminator card and a MLM card.

On switch on the console display comes up. Whilst it performs the same 
functions as the one in the manual

it looks different. What ever I do by way of setting up devices I can't 
get it to talk to the RX211.

it just says No Controller.

Ideas anybody?

Rod Smallwood

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