Any Kryoflux, Discferret, Catweasel, or other floppy flux images wanted

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Mon Oct 10 16:33:53 CDT 2016

I have a pile of RX50 images at
in SCP format if that helps...

- Josh

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 2:08 PM, Eric Smith <spacewar at> wrote:

> Would anyone care to donate floppy disk flux-transition images for use
> in development of utility software and for regression-testing the
> same? It would be much appreciated.
> Images from "normal" floppy formats (IBM FM and MFM, e.g., TRS-80, IBM
> PC, or almost anything using 177x/179x/279x or 765/8272 family
> controllers) and obscure formats (DEC RX02, Victor 9000) would be
> welcome. I'd especially like to get IBM 23FD "Minnow" disk images, but
> I'm not holding my breath for that.
> If you send me any images, a brief description of what they might
> contain and/or what system they're from would be helpful. I don't need
> to be able to do anything with the content; I just want to verify that
> I can extract the content from flux images into sector images.
> If you send me any images that you don't want made public, let me know.
> Thanks!
> Eric

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