Unibus controller for MFM disks

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Sat Oct 15 09:33:43 CDT 2016

I can only think of one, the AED WINC-08 RL02 system, but that used 8" drives
Good luck finding one, and the matching interface card. I don't think Qualogy
Emulex or Dilog ever made MFM for Unibus. MFM controllers were mainly a QBus
market. I suppose some day I should make a list of all of the Unibus/Qbus disk
and tape controller vendors I can think of.

There is a project going on right now in support of the Y-Combinator
Alto restoration to create a Diablo model 30 drive emulator.
Given how many RK11's there are in the world, that might be an option
once it's working. There is also the German RL02 drive emulator, which
seems to have stalled again.

I hope someone gets a Q/Unibus non-mscp small disk emulator PCB built
some day. I wonder if Guy has had any time to work on his.

On 10/14/16 8:25 PM, Charles Dickman wrote:
> I don't know that Digital ever had a Unibus disk controller for ST412
> interface disks, but were there any third party controllers? I'm in
> need of disk controllers for PDP-11/40 and think that might be an
> option given the availability of reliable MFM disk emulators.
> -chuck

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