PDP-11 RL02 disk emulation (project info links posted to list)

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Mon Oct 17 05:03:51 CDT 2016

On 10/17/2016 2:54 AM, jim stephens wrote:
> Has anyone built or had any experience with this (or any other) RL02
> emulator?

This is the end status of the page.  in update 1.1B, he states that the 
board is not available, but shows the board:


In update 1.1C there are some project files.  I have saved them to look 
at, but don't know if enough is there
to try to duplicate his work, or if it will result in a working drive 

Project information

Technical information:
MFM decoder  http://www.pdp11gy.com/MFM-D.html
MFM encoder  http://www.pdp11gy.com/MFME-D.html

Project information:

The beginning  http://www.pdp11gy.com/hist2D.html
Architecture   http://www.pdp11gy.com/hist3D.html
Flow chart  http://www.pdp11gy.com/hist1D.html

perhaps someone can contact him.  I won't put his email address or name 
here for archival, but it is on
this page:


Looks like a nice project to help with, or pick up.

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