Tek 40xx computer users

Rick Bensene rickb at bensene.com
Thu Oct 27 10:49:58 CDT 2016

Mike Hass wrote regarding his treasure trove of 4051 stuff:

>4051, 2x 4907 Dual 8" floppys, and the "System Test Fixture" front panel, a box of DC300 tapes
>"GAS 6800"  - a Homebrew 4051  (maybe a prototype   4051  ???

Very cool stuff.   Let's see some pictures posted of the Test Fixture front panel.  I had heard of the existence of these, which essentially was a lights and switches front panel that allowed exam & deposit of memory, as well as single-stepping of the 6800 in the 4051.    One thing I often wondered...would this  work on a 4052?

Would also love to see pix of the "GAS 6800".   Could well be a prototype....  Seeing it, I may be able to confirm if it is.

> and  these paks:

> dual port memorypack
> UNIBURN EPROM burner pack
> VIDEOFRAME digitizer
> GPIB Enhancement rompack
> RS232 Printer Interface
> Parallel Interface
> Data Communications Interface
> Addressable Data Tracking backpack
> IC Analyzer
> Editor Pack
> Filemanager Pack
> Binary Program Loader Pack
> Signal Processor Pack
> Service Pack

Any of the ROMpacks that you have that haven't already had their firmware dumped out, should be captured if at all possible and place up on BitSavers....hint, hint.

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