Jon Elson elson at
Thu Oct 27 20:28:48 CDT 2016

On 10/27/2016 05:49 PM, Daniel Olsson wrote:
> Hey!
> Has anyone fixed a CPUfan on a DS10L that is rattleing by 
> lubricating it in someway? Or do i need to buy a new fan 
> for it?
If the fans are sleeve bearing, it may be possible to 
re-lube the bearing.  If the bearing is badly worn and 
loose, then lube won't help it.  You generally peel off a 
label to reveal the bearing cover.  You have to disassemble 
the bearing to clean the gunk off the shaft, and put a lot 
of oil on the cotton packing to the outside of the bearing.

If ball bearing, oil will quiet it for a few days, but you 
really have to replace the ball bearing units for a 
permanent fix.  Boca Bearings has all sorts of tiny bearings 
that fit fans, just measure them and order.


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