Imaging Old Disks Advice Needed

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Oct 30 13:01:50 CDT 2016

On Sat, 29 Oct 2016, Peter Cetinski wrote:
> media itself looks pretty good.  No scratches, no blotches.  However, on 
> a number of disks the sleeves have warped.  I am afraid that this will 
> damage the media when I spin them up.  I’m thinking of cutting open 
> the sleeves and placing the media in new 8” floppy sleeves.  I’ve 
> also heard about baking the media, although I’ve never tried this and 
> not sure of its value.
> What are your thoughts on how to proceed?

You can slit the disks open, and one at a time, put them into a fresh 

If the warpage isn't severe, but the disks are just hard to turn, . . .
hold the disk perpendicular to the edge of a table, pushing a little, so 
that the jacket bows out slightly, and rub it back and forth.  Not so 
much force that you daamage the cookie.  Do that for all four edges of 
the disk.  The disk will then turn much easier.

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