Seeking docs and schematic for Novation CAT modem

Fri Sep 23 11:47:46 CDT 2016

Joe -   is that   the  direct connect one of  the  acoustic  coupler? I   
any event  SMECC   would  love a  copy  to  for our  files at the museum  
A side issue  there  was a Novation coupler - modem... a white  one  that 
the  phone would sit on.  with coupler cups to the  side. Does anyone have 
any photos, advertising,  etc etc... on this ?
Thanks  Ed #  _www.smecc.org_ (  
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On  9/13/2016 1:58 PM, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> Hi, All,
> Good  seeing many of you at VCF-midwest.  One of my scores was an
>  Atari-badged Novation CAT modem.  Digging around for any docs,  what
> I'm mostly finding is lots of info about Novations Apple II  products,
> and scant mention with thumbnail pictures of the original  CAT acoustic
> coupler, that and dozens of sites copying the Wikipedia  article.
> Anyone have any CAT info?  I can  reverse-engineer the schematic, but
> if that's already been done, no  reason for me to redocument the wheel.
> I know it wants a 20VAC 400mA  PSU, but I want to check how strict that
> is (i.e., 18VAC @ 500mA or 24  VAC @ 350 mA, for example, which may be
> easier to find than an  unregulated 20VAC PSU).
> I would love to play with a CBM 8010  (since I have so many PETs) but I
> do happen to have a couple of  IEEE-488 to RS-232 devices, which will
> work fine with this Atari  830/Novation CAT.
> -ethan

I have the manual for a  103/212 smart cat modem. PN 490418-1/490521-1. 
Circa 1982

Is that  what you need?

Cheers,  Joe

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