IBM AS400 questions

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Sun Apr 9 11:21:17 CDT 2017

Alright, it was quite a while back that I picked up my ibm AS400 model 170.
I had asked some questions on the list, it was locked with a password and i
could not get into the machine. I finally got around to getting into the
machine and am at the main menu. Before i do anything, I want to back up
the machine. I have a couple of tapes.

I am not familiar with os/400 at all, the intention is to backup the
machine so in the event of a hardware failure I will be able to reinstall
and still have a licenced install.

I come from the sgi land, usually from the prom there is the HINV command
to give a nice hardware inventory of the machine, is there a similar
command in the ibm world? I want to find what options are installed, cpu
and memory details, etc.

Any advice on what to do from here is much appreciated. I just want to get
the thing backed up and rest assured that if the drives fail i can
reinstall the os and it have its license.


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