PDP-11: DR11-C to FPGA or 1284?

Jerry Weiss jsw at ieee.org
Tue Aug 1 21:37:55 CDT 2017

> On Aug 1, 2017, at 7:32 PM, Fritz Mueller via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
> On 08/01/2017 05:27 PM, Jerry Weiss wrote:
>> If you install the DELUA, don’t forget there is TCP/IP support for RT11 from Alan Baldwin at http://shop-pdp.net/rthtml/tcpip.htm.
> Hi Jerry -- I had seen the RT-11 TCP/IP stuff, but my 11/45 can only address 256K of memory, so doesn't meet the minimum reqs :-(
> 	--FritzM.

FYI - from the TCP/IP  RT-11 documentation….


             It is possible to install the TCP/IP Package on a 248K
             machine using the DEUNA/DELUA 18-bit (Non Unibus  Map-
             ping)  EU18XM.SYS handler.  This handler requires 7.5k
             bytes for code and packet buffers.  This configuration
             allows  at  most  one networking application to be ac-

That plus there is a light version of the FTP user program provided.

On the other hand, using a DR11-C, DRV11 etc.. with an external Arduino 
handling the IP stack would probably be 10x faster (or more) than the 
native implementation.  I only get about 5-8 Kbytes/sec with a DELQA 
under RT11.  

Jerry Weiss
jsw at ieee.org

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