2.11BSD on two RL02 drives? Probably not, but...

David Bridgham dab at froghouse.org
Fri Aug 4 17:12:14 CDT 2017

On 8/4/17 11:25, emanuel stiebler wrote:

> http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/00001678B.pdf
> that the one I use a lot...

Oh, a USB PHY chip.  Yeah, that might be the way to go now that we're
not counting I/O pins.

>> 1:1 block mapping.  I'm going to have enough fun with trying to
>> implement the USB stack in the FPGA without doing FAT16 too.
> Yikes ;-)

Yeah, I know.  Partly it's a challenge and partly it's something I'd
like to have around for another project.

> Please do yourself a favor, and put a small micr0controller in the FPGA.
> Get it working, then you can optimize and write HDL for it.

We've talked about a soft microcontroller, an actual microcontroller,
and just writing it in some sort of microcode.  Want to get the SD card
working first so Noel can start using the prototype board as an actual
storage device.

> What FPGAs are you using?

Xilinx Artix 7.  More specifically, we're using a ZTEX 2.13 FPGA module
for our prototyping.  Unless some good reason came up, I was thinking to
stick with the same FPGA.

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