PDP-11/84 Bootstrap for TSV05 (Dilog DU142)

Ulrich Tagge u.tagge at gmx.de
Thu Aug 10 08:52:04 CDT 2017

Hi Jerry,

Welcome to the next challenge.

I have found a procedure in the RT-11 Documentation, which automatically 
creates the two tapes.
The output of the msb process is too long, so you can find them here: 

The creation has worked like a charm, and without any problem.

When I boot via "b ms0" I get instantly this error, but the tape doesn't 
move noticeable.

001120 is the configured Last byte address. As the code ends by 001116 I 
have set it a little big higher, which was recommended somewhere in the 
11/84 PROM documentation.

Many Greetings
> The first thing I would do is check the contents of 1000-1116 after 
> the halt occurs
> against the what you have in the eeprom.
> 1120 is not a location I would expect this to halt, so either there is 
> a problem in
> loading the the eeprom bootstrap or perhaps the first records of the 
> tape are being loaded.
> Do you see any tape motion?
> For RT-11, you need to load device specific files at the beginning of 
> the tape.
> The tape primary and secondary bootstrap which load the monitor, need 
> to be first.
> The following (rough) example is for  MS:  @1600BPI and the RT11SJ 
> monitor.
>    Ini/Que/Vol/File:MBOT16.BOT MS:
>    Cop MSBOOT.BOT MS:/Pos:-1
>    Cop MDUP.MS    MS:/Pos:-1
>    Cop SWAP.SYS   MS:/Pos:-1
>    Cop RT11SJ.SYS MS:/Pos:-1
>    Cop MS.SYS     MS:/Pos:-1
>  Cop DU.SYS MS:/Pos:-1
>    Cop MDUP.SAV   MS:/Pos:-1
>    Cop PIP.SAV    MS:/Pos:-1
>    Cop DUP.SAV    MS:/Pos:-1
> … + other OS files.
> Jerry
> jsw at ieee.org <mailto:jsw at ieee.org>

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