Sunday brain tickler

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Jan 9 18:41:08 CST 2017

On 01/09/2017 03:33 PM, Jules Richardson wrote:

> It seems unlikely that a simple system would resort to something
> like frequency analysis of characters when encoding filenames,
> though, particularly given the size of the data (the overhead would
> probably not make it worthwhile) - so I'm guessing we should be
> looking at "plain text", just with some unusual character size or
> distribution.
> I did hack some quick code to alter the character size (6, 7 and 8 
> bits), spacing between characters (0, 1 and 2 bits) and offset from
> the start of the stream, then 'slide' the resulting data through the
> ASCII table and search for the "LTER" name that you mentioned
> previously, but without any luck. That does make the assumption that
> values for A-Z are contiguous, which seems likely but not certain.

Given the simple 8080 architecture, we may be looking at "rotated" bits
also; I don't know.

But rest assured, every block after the first (directory) block contains
text.  There are no "hidden" file names.


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