Unknown 8085 opcodes

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Jan 12 11:40:44 CST 2017

>> While 8080 and 8085 are not on the list, Z-80 is; adding 8080 would
>> be a relatively simple thing.
> Isn't 8080 just a subset of Z80?

I think it is, or at least close; I may add 8080 as a slight tweak to
the Z-80 module instead of as a completely independent module.

>> if someone can point me to 8080/8085 machine language documentation
>> that would save me some searching [...]
> https://github.com/larsbrinkhoff/awesome-cpus

Thank you!  Saved (well, I actually can't see what you pointed me at,
but I've learnt to convert such things into clonable git:// syntax, and
I have the resulting git tree cloned).

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