SunoS 4.1.4 and Open Windows 3 on an IPX?

jim stephens jwsmail at
Mon Jan 16 06:14:32 CST 2017

On 1/16/2017 3:58 AM, Mattis Lind wrote:
> I have installed SunoS 4.1.4 on a an IPX and then tried to start Open
> Windows 3  from the command line.
> I get a garbled screen that looks like this:
> It looks like there is a mismatch between what resolution Open WIndows is
> using and how the frame buffer is configured. My screen reports that the
> framebuffer is outputting 1280x1024 at 76Hz.
> How can this be adjusted? I have read this manual:
> and various FAQs trying to modify EEPROM settings etc but it won't work.
> I understand that the 13W3 cable includes a number of sense lines so that
> the framebuffer can adjust to the monitor used. I haven't checked how 13W3
> to VGA cable is configured but I assume it tells the FB to use
> 1280x1024 at 76Hz since it is what the screen reports.
I think you may need to force the display if you can to the 1000x1022 
resolution.  That doesn't sound too far off what I recall the 
resolutions were.

are you connecting into the thing thru serial so you can poke around?  I 
don't recall for sure if the default loaded system allows serial login, 
but you might be able to get on thru the serial port and adjust things 
as well.  I didn't read the guide above, this is from fighting with the 
systems long ago.

I used a box that was made by Raritan or such to convert the video and 
keyboard to allow connection to VGA KVM and those boxes had some active 
circuitry in them to do things with the selects.  They weren't doing 
anything as far as sync adjustment, but may have pulled a different set 
of settings to both the Sun system and to the KVM and on to the 
display.  I did not have much trouble with that, so don't recall having 
to play with the frame buffer settings.

> On the other hand, when SunOS boots it finds the cgsix0 and reports that
> the resolution is 1000x1022!?
> Any idea on how to set different resolutions in Open Windows? What I am not
> understanding here? The word resolution is not even mentioned in the
> Installation manual for Open Windows above...
> /Mattis

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