recursive emulation

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Jan 24 20:49:28 CST 2017

On 01/24/2017 06:13 PM, Eric Smith wrote:

> The 432 chips were sampling in early 1981, and in limited production
> in mid-to-late 1981. (They were never in more than limited
> production.) They weren't $1000 even then.  Your salesman was either
> including the cost of a lot of other components he thought you'd
> need, or was off his meds, or something.

It could have been 1981--I'm a little fuzzy about dates back then.

It could be that Bill Davidow thought that the 432 was a lost cause and
wanted to discourage us--after all he was on our BOD.  But I do recall
the $1K chipset number and how that elicited a gasp.


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