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Sun Jul 2 15:33:26 CDT 2017

>>> The quality of tools has declined.  It used to be that Sears Roebuck
>>> "Craftsman" hand tools were among the best and were sold with an
>>> unconditional warranty.  Not so any more.

On Sun, 2 Jul 2017, Guy Sotomayor Jr via cctalk wrote:
> Snap-on brand tools are the best that I’ve come across though they are
> shockingly expensive.
> I did have first hand experience in the difference between my “good”
> Sears Craftsman (30 years ago) tools and Snap-on and it showed me
> how much better the Snap-on tools were.

My experience is that Craftsman was truly excellent half a century ago. 
They reached a low point 40 years ago, when they were HORRIBLE. worse 
than Harbor Freight - crudely made, broached off-center!, . . .

Sears once balked at replacing my 3/4" breaker bar, on the grounds that 
"it must have been abused".  When I offered to "let Tiny come in and 
discuss how he bent it", they replaced it.  But instead of using the 
replacement, I immediately bought a Snap-On 1" bar with 36mm and 46mm 
impact sockets. But, it was true that I did use a long extension on the 
bar. (VW flywheel and rear axle, especially the bus - on the right rear 
sometimes the front of the buses would come off of the ground before it 
broke loose).   I also have a Snap-On 3/4" ratchet (flea market) that I 
used (NO EXTENSION) on the ones that were NOT over 250 foot pounds.
Went through two wheel pullers, without abusing them, on a 58 Volvo rear 
drum.  Had to appeal to machismo by offering a six of beer to whoever 
could get it off (half a dozen big guys took it as an all day personal 
challenge contest)

Snap-on remained excellent through those days.  Sears tools survived on 
their replacement reputation.  They used to sell at the flea markets for 
twice the price of Snap-On "because they're guaranteed for life!" (which 
Snap-On and a surprisingly large number of others also are!)  Broken 
Snap-On tools were a great bargain, and immediately replaced with new 

But Sears got SO bad for a while that in my Honda book I said, "better to 
have a few good tools . . . than a lifetime supply of scrap metal tools, 
ready and waiting to hurt you."  (p 236)

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