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Sun Jul 2 16:15:12 CDT 2017

On 07/02/2017 01:33 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:

> But Sears got SO bad for a while that in my Honda book I said, "better
> to have a few good tools . . . than a lifetime supply of scrap metal
> tools, ready and waiting to hurt you."  (p 236)

I recently had the retainer ball (that holds sockets) on my 3/8"
Craftsman ratchet fail (wouldn't hold onto sockets) and I took it to
Sears for a replacement.

I wasn't offered a replacement, but rather a "refurbished" ratchet.  I
declined that and accepted a free refurb kit, which I installed myself.
It's not quite as good as the original part, but it works.

What with Sears teetering on insolvency, any of the "free replacement"
guarantees will likely be history.

Curiously, a lot of Menard's Master Force tools are made in the USA, by
Allen, so, if you're careful, you can get some pretty decent stuff from
a big-box store.

I think a lot of USA-made Craftsman hand tools are made by Armstrong,
which can often be purchased for less than the same Craftsman product.
At least the two lines *look* the same.

I like SK and Proto and many swear by Mac.

I have a few tools from Sears that are celebrating their 50th birthday,
as well as a few with the Power-Kraft brand from the long-defunct Monkey

Some brands have suffered badly under the shadow of acquisition.   Klein
used to be the best source for small pliers and cutters, but my
experience with them lately has not demonstrated that.


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