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Yep  we handle a lot of  video  media.   Bake Bake  Bake!
Really  works  well. over t time  it  will revert   but... you can back 
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> What's the  theory behind baking floppies? For tapes it makes sense to 
> with  self-adhesion, but what's the benefit to single surfaced media that
>  doesn't overlap?

The audio tape guys pretty much took the lead on this  one, probably
because they ran into the problem earlier.

The reason  for baking is to ameliorate the problem of binder
degradation.  It  seems that baking at a mild temperature (there is a
patent on this method),  tends to "melt" the binder back into
workability.  If you've ever  stuck a floppy into a drive and heard a
loud squealing sound and wound up  with a cookie with "see through" rings
on it, you've experienced binder  failure.

There's quite a bit of information on this on the  web.


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