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Mon Jul 3 00:12:55 CDT 2017

On 7/2/2017 3:02 PM, Pete Lancashire via cctalk wrote:
> For me new tools pretty much come for European companies, from estate
> sales,
An old fellow pulled into an astronomy related material swap meet next 
to me several years ago, opened his trunk while I was standing there and 
pulled out one of the medium sized toolboxes.   Turned out to be full of 
tools, all old Craftsman.  He was going to sell them catch as catch can, 
but i asked how much, and he said $50 for the thing, including the case.

Very good stuff with made in USA.  I ever abuse tools to the point of 
replacement for that reason, and none of these have had any problems.  I 
also have my fathers which he bought when my mother worked @ 15th & 
Cleveland in Kansas City, Mo from 46 to 51, so I suspect those are 
pretty good.

Sears refused to take a verified credit card I had when I moved from KC 
to Irvine, CA in 1975, so I could buy a bed the first night in a new 
house, and I told them if they wouldn't take the card, I'd never set 
foot in a Sears store ever again.  Made good on my word.  No excuse 
including the store manager and the local store credit manager standing 
there eye ball to eyeball.

I had verified that it was good anywhere in the US prior to leaving with 
the intent of doing this thru channels, and I never bothered to follow 
up.  Put me sleeping on the rug, and there is no more interest in the 
operation.  Typical of the customer service they have that doomed them 
which started prior to that.

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