tape baking

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> After you got the TK50 tapes and the TZ30 drive working together, what
> computer system and software utilities did you use to recover the data from
> the tapes?
> Did you first recover the data into a format that preserved blocking information
> such as SIMH .TAP format? ( http://simh.trailing-
> edge.com/docs/simh_magtape.pdf )
> Or did you directly extract the files from the tape by running something like
> TAR directly on the tape?

I used a DECstation 2100 (MIPS architecture) running Ultrix. I used dd (block size 10240) to recover the tapes to a file on the 2100's disk. I ftp'd the dd file onto my normal PC for safekeeping, but I extracted the files from the dd file actually on the 2100. The tapes had been written using the "dump" utility and I just passed the dd file to the "restore" command to do the extraction. I didn't use SIMH to create a tap file but presume I could do so, now that I have the dd file.

I had wanted to find a way to clone tapes using VMS (I have more hardware running VMS than I do that runs Ultrix or any other flavour of Unix), but I suspect that the dd route is the only easy way to do it.



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