DEC TRAX documentation set for sale

Alan Frisbie Flash688 at
Thu Jul 6 15:20:55 CDT 2017

Since it is doubtful that I will ever have a need for them,
and I badly need the space, I am selling my TRAX documentation
set on ebay:
or search for "TRAX" or Seller Frisbie99

This includes the five TRAX manuals that are NOT on Bitsavers.

In 1978, DEC announced a new PDP-11 operating system, TRAX,
specifically designed for high-volume transaction processing.
It was designed to work with the DEC VT62 block mode terminals
for fill-in-the-blanks applications.

TRAX was designed around a modified version of RSX-11M-Plus,
v1.0, yet no mention of it survives today. Indeed, a year after
its announcement, it appeared to have sunk without a trace.

This is a complete set of manuals for the DEC TRAX transaction
processing Operating System. In 45 years of working with DEC
systems, I have never seen another copy of these manuals or the
binders. The product was canceled almost(?) before it was shipped,
so this is a rare glimpse of an almost-forgotten part of computer

This set contains all the manuals that were part of the original
documentation set. They include:

     AA-D327A-TC Introduction to TRAX
     AA-D328A-TC Application Designers Guide
     AA-D329A-TC Application Programmers Guide
     AA-D330A-TC Application Terminal Language Reference Manual
     AA-D331A-TC Support Environment Users Guide
     AA-D332A-TC System Managers Guide
     AA-D335A-TC System Generation Manual
     AA-D336A-TC TRAX BASIC-Plus-2 Language Reference Manual
     AA-D337A-TC TRAX BASIC-Plus-2 User's Guide
     AA-D338A-TC COBOL Language Reference Manual
     AA-D339A-TC COBOL Users Guide
     AA-D340A-TC MACRO Reference Manual
     AA-D341A-TC TRAX RMS MACRO Programmers Guide
     AA-D342A-TC Linker Reference Manual
     AA-D343A-TC ODT Reference Manual
     AA-D344A-TC TRAX User Mode Diagnostics
     AA-D345A-TC DEC Editor Reference Manual
     AA-D346A-TC SORT Reference Manual
     AA-D347A-TC DATATRIEVE Users Guide

In addition, a copy of the Software Product Description (SPD)
13.9.0 and a color-laser printed copy of the original TRAX brochure
are included. If the buyer wishes, I can email them the PDF files
for these two documents.

Alan Frisbie

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