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I agree.. the LCM+L looks awesome.  And really, winter is an ideal time to do vintage computer stuff.  Usually our winters are not that bad up here, but this last year we had snow on the ground almost continuously through March.  It was brutal.


Perhaps if weather proves difficult this year, VCF might consider March next time?  Esp. with March Break (I think they have that in the US?).. makes it easier to travel for those us with kids.


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Seattle in mid-February will be damp, but we're in the low-lands here so snow is generally not an issue.  But travelling through the passes or through higher elevations can be dicey.


Once you are here though we'll try to make it good time.  I think the LCM+L will be a great venue, and this show will probably look and feel a little different from other shows.  The layout of the museum gives us some unique opportunities.



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Ooh.  That might be one to bring my TVT and Mark-8 stuff to, provided we don't have another winter like we did last year.  I'm up in BC and we just got pounded this year with snow and bad weather.. if it's like that again I'll have to pass.. BC drivers are terrible on snow.




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Vintage Computer Federation is pleased to announce an expansion of the
Vintage Computer Festival series to the Pacific Northwest.

The first VCF PNW will be held at Living Computers: Museum + Labs in
Seattle, Washington on February 10-11, 2018.  Seattle is a rich and vibrant
tech hub with beautiful scenery and every variety of rain possible, but it
has been missing the Vintage Computer Festival experience.  With the
cooperation of the LCM+L we are fixing that by providing a weekend full of
interesting exhibits and even more interesting people in what is already a
great destination.

In the next few weeks we will put out more formal calls for exhibitors,
volunteers, and speakers.  If you would like to chat feel free to reach out
to me at michael at <mailto:michael at> .

Vintage Computer Federation is a national user group serving collectors,
hobbyists, and anyone interested in the history of computing.  More
information about the Vintage Computer Federation can be found at  Living Computers: Museum + Labs provides a
one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience with computer technology from the 1960s
to the present.  The LCM+L is online at

Michael, on behalf of the Vintage Computer Federation




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