[multicians] Fwd: Multics dps8m emulator

COURYHOUSE at aol.com COURYHOUSE at aol.com
Sun Jul 9 19:00:24 CDT 2017

need to make an interface that  would  run the big Honeywell  computer  
front  panels we have here... ( we have xtra set   for  sale too... Large... 
heavy and many panel set)
Ed#  _www.smecc.org_ (http://www.smecc.org)  
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there was also a slashdot post about it, with typical  clueless response

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>  Subject: [multicians] Fwd: Multics dps8m emulator
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> The Multics Simulator now has a  packaged non-beta Release 1.0.
> Thanks to all the folks who worked hard  on this.

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