IBM 5110 - Where does the character set live? And other questions.

Christian Corti cc at
Tue Jul 11 08:08:40 CDT 2017

On Mon, 10 Jul 2017, Robert wrote:
> It's always the same characters that are mangled and it's independent
> of their position on the screen, so I suspect possible corruption in
> the character set, wherever in ROS or the display card it is held.

The characters are stored on the display interface card. I had a similar 
fault in one of my 5110s, in my case it was a faulty TTL chip (IIRC a 
74159 demux).

> to the printer, but I think the print head is gummed up.

You have to a) clean the print head and b) replace the rubber rollers that 
transport the ink ribbon. The rollers will be goo and make a "big 

> 2. Can anybody direct me to a pdf copy of the user manual and/or the
> service manual for the 5103?

Your search engine's broken, right? ;-)
They're either on my site or at bitsavers.

> Here's a link to my thread on the VCF, with pictures:

I can't see any pictures, and _no_, I won't register just to see the 


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