IBM Scientific Subroutine Package (was Re: SIMH .tap file 7 track?)

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at
Tue Jul 11 17:31:15 CDT 2017

Hi Chuck,

Maybe you can answer a related question to the conversion of IBM 360 .tap files.

I see the IBM FORTRAN Scientific Subroutine Package on Bitsavers in .tap format:

How do I read/convert this back into the ASCII files?



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Subject: SIMH .tap file 7 track?

This is one that I haven't seen addressed.

If I'm reading a 7-track tape and writing a SIMH .tap file, what's the
custom?  6 bits per 8-bit byte, right-justified (i.e. 2 high bits

Just wondering if there's a convention established for this.


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