Through-hole desoldering (was Re: IBM 5110 - Where does the character set live? And other questions.)

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Thu Jul 13 07:22:50 CDT 2017

Another vote for the Hakko 472D. You can pick them up cheaply as used
equipment. Do note that if you prefer the gun style handle over the pencil
style, you can interchange them. If you have shop air, there's an even
cheaper Hakko 470B -- I've heard it's a better/more effective pump than the
472D's electric motor driven pump, presumably they sell for less since many
people don't have shop air.

I initially avoided buying a Hakko station due to poor experiences with
them at a previous job. There, they were so bad and unreliable that I just
brought my own spring-type solder sucker from home and used that! Having
rebuilt mine (purchased used, incomplete) and owned it for several years
now, I'm pretty certain the issue was with the guy who was supposed to
maintain it. They do require a lot of cleaning/maintenance, especially if
you're working on old boards that never had the rosin flux removed.


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> > 2) vacuum desoldering gun: lots of people liked the Hakko 808, but it's
> > discontiued. The Hakko FR-300 looks like a reasonable replacement, and
> > sells for around $310. The drawback compared to the vacuum desoldering
> > station with pencil tool is that the handpiece is much heavier and
> bulkier
> > since it contains the vacuum pump; this is probably not an issue if you
> > don't use it to do a lot of desoldering in a single session.
> >
> I recently purchased a Hakko FR300 for $259, which is my first experience
> with a decent desoldering tool.  I can’t recommend it enough if you have a
> fair amount of desoldering to perform.  Compared to solder wicking or a
> solder sucker it really is a world of difference.  It’s one of the best
> tool investments I’ve ever made.

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