Xerox stores

Fri Jul 14 02:14:29 CDT 2017

yes indeed!
yea  would have been the  front  part of the  80s   date wise...  can not 
remember exactly  though..
We had a Xerox store in Metro Center here in Phx...
I remember  laughing as  I went  away how thankful our  company was in an 
industrial  park and NOT in a high traffic   area...  ie. only those that 
really needed us  showed up... no  mass of lolly gaggers!
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A  friend asked about this, figured perfect for here.
Any  info?

An old (!) friend was just reminding me of the  Xerox personal computer
circa 1981, which ran CP/M on a Z80 and came with a  nifty daisy-wheel 
and that's all well and good.

But he  swears they were sold in Xerox Computer Stores that existed by  the
thousands - for a rather brief period.

I have only the faintest  memory of such a thing, I didn't start to work for
Xerox until 1985, and I  don't recall the stores at all.  Can anyone add to 


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