Xerox stores

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Fri Jul 14 06:18:20 CDT 2017

I still have an unpopulated Xerox-820 motherboard floating around
here somewhere.  They were popular with ham radio operators for
BBSes and later with early KA9Q TCPIP systems.


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> A friend asked about this, figured perfect for here.
> Any info?
> thanks
> Jim

Yup, there was definitely one in Santa Clara (IIRC).   I picked up a few
things at their going-out-of business sale.  I think one was a DTC
document feeder for a Diablo Hitype and some miscellaneous furniture.

Who knows--buried in my old records, I may even have an invoice.

Control Data also had retail stores at about the same time.


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