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The IBM Product centers were bought by NYNEX, and in turn purchased by ComputerLand.

The Baltimore NYNEX location was in the our ComputerLand franchise protected territory, so technically ComputerLand Corporation was in violation of our ComputerLand Franchise.  This was great news for us, since it allowed us to get out of the ComputerLand Franchise, and continue until this day.

Bob Roswell
System Source
(Same Company, was ComputerLand of Towson, ComputerLand of Baltimore, and ComputerLand of Columbia)

Our Computer Museum is at

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> Yup, there was definitely one in Santa Clara (IIRC).   I picked up a few
> things at their going-out-of business sale.  I think one was a DTC 
> document feeder for a Diablo Hitype and some miscellaneous furniture.
> Who knows--buried in my old records, I may even have an invoice.
> Control Data also had retail stores at about the same time.
> --Chuck
And don't forget about the IBM Product Centers, bought out in the late 80's by NyNex.  They sold IBM business products including copiers, typewriters, Displaywriters, System 36 accessories, printers and eventually PCs and modems and such, diskettes...

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