Xerox stores

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Fri Jul 14 11:29:46 CDT 2017

I remember going to a Xerox store in '85 and buying a brand-new Macintosh. 

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> Hmmm, I really don't remember any such thing. I suspect that some 
> independent computer store chain got an OK to have a big Xerox logo out 
> on the front. That would be quite believable. Some time in the early 
> 80's there were computer stores popping up overnight like mushrooms, and 
> disappearing just about as fast. 

Nope--they were real. I recall that the one I visited wasn't that far 
from the Moore Business Products store. 

As I mentioned, CDC had storefronts--I still have a Wren II SCSI drive 
that I picked up at the Twin Cities store liquidation. 

TI had a store in the Stanford shopping center. 


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