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On Thu, 13 Jul 2017, jim stephens via cctalk wrote:
> But he swears they were sold in Xerox Computer Stores that existed by 
> the
> thousands - for a rather brief period.

Many dozens, certainly.   Probably less than 100.  Not "thousands".
(about 31st and 32nd in October 1981)
(July 1982, Xerox announced that they would no longer carry Apple in their 
46 stores)

They did not outnumber the IBM retail computer stores (84?).
(nor the SEARS computer stores that popped up (Sears negotiated a deal to 
retail the 5150 immediately after its release August 1981))
Even the "Tandy Radio Shack Computer Center" stores only numbered 500.
(just the specialized "computer stores", not counting the TRS-80 for sale 
in the corner of every Radio Shack store (7400 peak))
Computerland peaked at 800 stores in 1985.

Best Buy has 1026 stores, but that's not computers.
Fry's has 34 stores.

Apple has 498 stores.     They've caught up with Radio Shack's 
COMPUTER STORE peak (not retail electronics).
They haven't caught up with Computerland's peak.  Yet.

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