New Items For Sale: Check the List and Make an Offer or Request

Sellam Ismail sellam.ismail at
Mon Jul 17 15:18:44 CDT 2017

I have the daunting task of selling off literally tens of thousands of
items from my collection.  I'm trying to list things as quickly as I can
based on what I think will sell, but too often I put a lot of work into
making a listing for an item that doesn't get any interest.  So in order to
speed things up, I'm going to start listing a summary of the things I come
across as I dig through my collection, and if there's interest from someone
then I'll take the time to do a proper ad, unless you want to preempt the
need for such by making me an offer I can't refuse.

I will list what I presently have on deck for sale.  If you see something
you like and might be interested, let me know and I'll make a proper
listing with photos and make it available for sale, giving first dibs to
the person who initially requested it.  I'll try to put out a new list
every week as a reply to this thread on the VCFed Forums:

I will also post new weekly lists here to the CC mailing list.

For best results, contact me directly at my e-mail address <
sellam.ismail at>.  Please do not reply to this message as chances
are I won't see it right away.

First list for July 15, 2017:

AIM 65
Apple ][+
Apple //c
Apple //c Flat Panel Display - includes adaptor, works
Atari 800
Commodore PET 2001-8 - includes Expandamem daughterboard with add-on RAM
bank and 3 Apple II-like expansion slots, filled with various cards
Commodore PET 2001-8N
Commodore PET 2001-16N - has a dynamic programmable ROM board (8 RAM chips
on a daughterboard that plugs into a ROM socket) with "ECS" silk-screened
on it
Commodore PET 2001-32
Commodore PET 4016
Commodore PET 4032
Commodore PET 8032 - has Skyles Electric Works ROM daughtboard with a
dual-ROM daughterboard plugged into that
Commodore PET 8032-32B
Dauphin DTR-1 - 2 separate systems, all original packaging
DEC MicroPDP 11 (11/23+ CPU)
DEC Single Board Computer 11/21 - M7676 CPU board and DEC manual
Dell 325n - early Dell laptop
Dulmont Magnum - early clamshell portable, one of the first
Friden 4311 Magnetic Data Recorder - desktop key-to-tape unit with 7-track
recording head
Gavilan - early clamshell portable, one of the first
HP OmniBook 425 - 2 units
Informer Dumb Terminal
KayPro 1
Macintosh IIcx
Macintosh IIsi
Macintosh LC II - has Apple //e board
Macintosh Performa 450
National Semiconductor HPC Microcontroller Development System
Osborne Executive
Panasonic Executive Partner
TI 99/4a - includes good documentation library, software on carthridges and
5.25" floppy
TRS-80 Model 4 - dual floppies
TRS-80 CTR 80A - cassette record, in original box
TRS-80 Mini Disk - 2 units

If anything in this list intrigues you, send me a request and I'll reply
with complete information including cosmetic and functional condition plus
photos.  Also, feel free to suggest what you might be inclined to pay as
that may encourage me to get that item evaluated sooner, otherwise I will
formulate a price based on current market demand, etc.   All my prices are
always negotiable.

Again, use my direct e-mail address for best results: <
sellam.ismail at>.



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