Removing Pitting and Rust From an Enclosure

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Wed Jul 19 16:15:38 CDT 2017

You can't remove pitting. You mean remove the dark oxide?


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Subject: Removing Pitting and Rust From an Enclosure

The TURBOchannel extender I got has a bit of rust and quite a lot of dark
pitting on the steel surfaces. I am not sure what the finish is, whether it
is anodized or galvanized. In any case, does anyone have recommendations for
how to remove the unsightly pitting? Bear in mind that I am in the UK, so
brands available in the US may not be available here and it may be more
useful to know what the active ingredients are.

Also, the case has some very annoying metal "fins". They don't look original
to me, but can anyone tell me if they are? Here is a picture of the feet:



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