Yet More Equipment Available - Codex 6745/PDP11/IBMS1??

Jay West jwest at
Fri Jul 21 14:19:16 CDT 2017

I got the following email, not sure what to make of it.. 

I just happen to have a PDP11 you might be interested in 


It is a Codex 6745


I have 4 work stations the processor and the server 


I also have an IBM series one complete with all of the log books that go
with it ,a beautiful large carriage printer with paper,


and a few work stations 


Many of the signatures in the log books are from Cornell students who are
famous geeks now


I am interests in SELLING all of them


So never heard of a statmux being an -11, but hey. 4 workstations and a
server eh? :)


But what piqued my curiosity more was the IBM series/1 system complete with
logbooks of cornell students?


Either this is a total scam, or the owner expects serious $$.


Regardless, if anyone wants to wrangle with this, drop me an email off-list
and I'll put you in contact with them.






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