Wang 2200 system for sale in St. Louis, Mo.

Jay West jwest at
Fri Jul 21 14:55:30 CDT 2017

Jim wrote...
Passing this along to the list.  This looks like a very nice system.

Via Steve Stengel.

Craigslist listing says it is @ an American Legion post.  Looks to be in 
north county,   American Legion Post 444 on Old Jamestown Road.
I am pondering this, only because... it's a DESK man. It's in a DESK! What's not to love? :)

I had heard (not sure if true) that the basic environment on some Wang mini's of the time was greatly influenced by HP2000/TSB. If so, I might go after it. A *DESK*, man!

Really don't have the room for it though... someone should save it.


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