Tandy Technical Reference Manuals

Alan Hightower alan at alanlee.org
Fri Jul 21 17:23:03 CDT 2017


I have several Tandy TRMs that apparently are not yet posted on-line. I
just scanned in the 4000 TRM and will upload it to the tvdog archive
today. Will take a few weeks to get the rest in. But in the meantime, if
there are any requests, I can reshuffle the order: 

Tandy 2000 Service Manual (TRM already on-line) 

Tandy 1200 Service Manual 

Tandy 3000 Technical Reference Manual Vol 1 & 2 

Tandy 3000 HL Technical Reference Manual Vol 1 & 2 

Tandy 4000 Technical Reference Manual 

Tandy 5000 MC Technical Reference Manual 


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