cctalk Digest, Vol 37, Issue 22

Amardeep S Chana asc135 at
Sat Jul 22 14:18:57 CDT 2017

> On 07/20/2017 10:42 PM, Steve Malikoff via cctalk wrote:
> > For interest there's an SA-400 announcement article on page 86 of BYTE,
> December 1976:
> >
> Did anyone notice the diskette shown in the article has the index hole in
> the "wrong" location?  I wonder if that was just a media prop for the
> article, or if early engineering prototypes were more like little 8"
> diskettes.  Also the drive shown from the top view has the index sensor
> directly to the side of the spindle... also not the final location.  Very
> interesting!


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