Scsi tape and compatible tapes that are available

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LTO is what I use for large archives. Tapes and drives are plentiful and 
cheap. LTO-1 is 100/200GB, LTO-2 is 200/400GB (native compressed). DLT is 
older and lower capacity but cheap, Super DLT is newer and higher capacity 
and expensive.

I also play around with DDS 1-4, AIT 1 and 2, dabble with Tandberg SLR tapes 
and even some QIC/Travan drives for real old gear. Linux/Unix probably has 
drivers for everything but other OS and proprietary backup software would 

IF you just want to move data and have SCSI you can also play around with 
Jazz, Syquest, MO drives.

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I have quite a bit of sgi gear and have been moving quite a bit of data
from a linux machine to my sgi gear via tape recently. dat dds4 and dat 72
drives work good and the tapes are easy to come by. i have many dell
branded dat drives that work without any special configuration. for larger
capacity tapes i use a dell dlt drive. you have to make some tweaks to a
file to make the drive use its full capacity but it works well too.

i trust dlt tapes over dat tapes. i do not make multiple backups to the
same tape. the tapes degrade with use. i make a backup. store the tape, and
only use that tape for future restore operations. so i would reccomend dlt
drives if you can get a compatible drive and a box of new tapes at a good

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Hi Gang,

I have need to make backups, and if you are going to do something, do it
the proper way. Feel like I'm preaching to the choir here mind.

My issue is finding tape to fit any drive I might buy or choosing an
appropriate tape library device which has tape available to purchase with
relative ease.

Any pointers, suggestions or anecdotes as always is most appreciated.


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