Scsi tape and compatible tapes that are available

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Mon Jul 24 05:35:52 CDT 2017

Sony AIT and DDS have been my most popular eBay finds so far, I am blessed with SCSI equipment, even if it is a SS10. 

My data needs aren't huge, I did see those 1TB tapes and wondered how long it would take my sparcstation to push a terabyte, might be unfair. 

Seems the resilience of tape is hard pressed to be beaten. 


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>The major 8mm tape drives I know about are SONY AIT
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>> There have been many tape formats that have gone in and out of
>> In the late 80s and early 90s, 8mm videotape-type Exabyte carts were
>> very popular--when have you last seen one?
>30 seconds ago. I guess I should clean the Exabyte carts off my dining
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