RK05 head alignment -- how difficult?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Jul 24 14:47:06 CDT 2017

    > is that crucifix-shaped area of low reflection the thing you're speaking
    > of? It's only visible in reflected light, not direct light; I'm not sure
    > what it is, perhaps crystals oriented in a different direction from the
    > rest of the head?

Now that I look again, you can see it in the other photo (although it doesn't
stand out the way it does in the reflected light one).

As to what it is, my _guess_ is that the overall (ceramic part) of the head
was made (probably a high-termperatur process) with a hole it, the magnetic
head part is then inserted, and some sort of 'potting' sealant poured around
it (perhaps epoxy?), after which the whole works is polished smooth (on the
'flying' surface).

(And yes, the asymmetry of the little white blob - larger on one side than the
other - is there in the actual head.)


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