Honeywall mainframe CPU front panel ID?

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 15:18:32 CDT 2017

> A further refinement on numbering.
> GE added Multics support to the 635 to make the 645. The 645 was a
> transistor machine and was reworked as an integrated circuit machine, the
> GE-655.
> The 655 was rebranded as the Honeywell 6000 series.
> I am not sure of the evolution path of the 635 to the 60xx; ie. if GE had
> an IC version of the 635 and what it was called, or it the 655 came with a
> non-Multics support version.
> -- Charles

I can confirm this, GE's original Multics intro document, they refer to the
GE 645.

"A New Remote Accessed Man Machine System" is the title of the document.
They describe it there and compare with some other systems, evolution
etc..  Interesting. I have seen online.

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