Honeywall mainframe CPU front panel ID?

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I will have  to  dig out our  GE 400 op console and   look  -Ed#
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> On the subject, I need  someone with a better memory.
> Around 1973 or so, I visited a  friend at the old GE Plant in Phoenix.
> All Hoyt could talk about was  GECOS, but he was gracious enough to give
> me a cook's tour of the  development area, including the water-cooled
> something or the other,  which was still in free-standing racks.  The CE
> console for that  thing was impressive--several CRTs, a couple of Nixie
> thermometer-type  displays.
> At any rate, prowling around, he pointed out a few  of the older GE
> systems, apparently awaiting a journey to the  scrapyard.   One really
> impressed me--the console had an  analog meter in it calibrated in
> "thousands of operations per  second".   I have never seen such a thing
>  since.
> Anyone remember what system this might have  been?
Gah. I saw a picture of one somewhere recently, but I  can't remember where.

--  Charles

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