Honeywall mainframe CPU front panel ID?

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Thu Jul 27 17:13:46 CDT 2017

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> > In looking at our  collection of  panels  in front of us,  the  large group
> > of smaller and   large black panels  seem  to be the same between all op
> > sys  however.   On the   main panel - yes the difference is the APU
> > lights.
> > As  I  work  though the volume of  stuff in warehousing will have to
> > keep an  eye out  for one  with  APU.
> >
> >
> If you know the provenance of a panel (which site it came from), it may be
> possible to work out what model of machine it came from; Multicians.org has
> a list of sites and some information about the sites hardware.
> > Would  all the  processors  have  APU on the panel  or  just  some of
> > them in a cluster ( if that is the correct  term)
> >
> >
> For a multiple CPU Multics, all of the CPUs would have the APU.
> I don't know if CGOS supported multiple CPUs; a quick google didn't turn up
> any examples, but I don't think that there is any hardware reason why they
> couldn't.

GCOS (and the original GECOS) supported multiple CPU's, up to 4 CPUs. I remember being told that Littlewoods (who had 2 x 4 CPU systems) noticed that one complex was running slowly, and eventually realized it had lost a CPU because a switch on one of the panels we have been discussing was set wrongly.

As for the DPS100/200/300 I think this was merely a "re-badging" of the L66 systems. When I was at NERC our L66/60 single CPU box was upgraded to a 2 x CPU DSP300..

> I don't think there is any difference in GCOS/Multics SCUs; later SCU models
> had more memory (Multics: Many Unnecessarily Large Tables In Core
> Simultaneously).
> Some of the IOMs had a "Multics" mode that enabled them to access the
> Multics page tables; it is not clear(to me) that that model was required for
> Multics; I am researching.
> -- Charles

Dave Wade

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