Sperry UTS 40 on Ebay - Statesboro, Georgia

Dominique Carlier dce at skynet.be
Sun Jul 30 09:47:45 CDT 2017

Yes ! I found it !


You are right, there was indeed a beginning of corrosion with a leaking 
battery. I had taken it away, I could not remember it at all.
I still have to find the voltage of this missing battery, do you know 
it? Otherwise I have this UTS20D, there may also be a battery with the 
same value ...

So I cleaned the rest of the acid, no damage I think.


So it would only be the cause of the blank screen? That would be so 
great !! :-)
I also disassembled the PSU board, some inflated capacitors, I'm going 
to replace all these caps. There is also a broken/burned "molex" connector.

I will repair all this and I will post a topic dedicated to the 
restoration of this machine.
Thank you all for the information !

On 30/07/2017 13:43, Dominique Carlier via cctalk wrote:
> Can you tell me where the batteries are supposed to be, on which board?
> I disassembled the machine, extracted the 4 motherboards, I did not 
> see any batteries anywhere.
> If they are externalized, maybe I removed them a long time ago in the 
> idea of replacing them, but I have not yet found where they were 
> connected in that case.
> On 28/07/2017 11:25, jim stephens via cctalk wrote:
>> I do hope you get it going.  If you feel qualified, one thing I'd 
>> also look for are packs with batteries to hold information that may 
>> have decayed.  That sometimes can cause what you described.  since 
>> the system may have been left since 1999, the batteries may have gone 
>> onto corrosion and you may have a bit of fixing to do for that.

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