Importing a PDP-8 from Canada

Marc Howard cramcram at
Mon Jul 31 21:22:10 CDT 2017

I had a similar issue many years back (re)importing a pinball machine from
Canada.  It was held in customs for a few hours (they thought it was a
gambling machine) until I casually mentioned that it was built in
Bensonville, IL and say so on the playfield.  No problems after that.

If you're re-importing something that was previously made in the USA then
there are no customs duties.


On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 5:15 PM, Michael Thompson via cctech <
cctech at> wrote:

> The RICM has an opportunity to get a PDP-8/M (built in Maynard, MA) that is
> in Canada. I remember that there was a discussion on the procedure here,
> but I can't find it with Google.
> Can you either point me to the discussion, or tell me what the procedure
> is?
> --
> Michael Thompson

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