G-series Flip Chips for trade

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Jun 6 17:18:07 CDT 2017

So I have some G-series Flip Chips that I don't have a use for, and I hope
someone out there does. If so, I'd like to trade them for something I _do_
have a use for - e.g. M-series FCs.

Alas, according to the "Spare Module Handbook", these seem to be pretty
exotic, but maybe I'll luck out. They are (with the uses listed in the SMH
given in brackets):

G291		Disc writer with power fail
2 x G295	Series switch (DF32, RS64)
G296		Center tap selector (DF32, RS64)
G8002		AC/DC low sensor (RS64)

Any interest, email me personally, please, don't spam the list.


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