rectangular sense core vs. diagonal

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Thu Jun 8 09:28:28 CDT 2017

This is more like DRAM. There are bit lines and word lines.

All the address decoding is done outside the array.

No X Y partial addresses.

Instead of having one plain for each bit, the bits are all in the single plane.


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On Wed, 7 Jun 2017, Paul Koning wrote:
>> How is ECS constructed?   I fooled with a lot of it back in the day, but
>> never got a good look at the core planes.
> I'd love to know.  I never saw the insides of ECS.  There are some
> documents on Bitsavers but none that I have seen show the ECS memory
> subsystem itself, certainly not at the circuit level.

I got two ECS modules, I put pictures of them on my FB album. I've
also put them on our server right now, at

The core planes are *huge*, about 4000cm² !


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