PDP-11/05 console clock (was Re: Electronic Systems TRS-80 Serial I/O Board?)

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 01:40:09 CDT 2017

> > I may be looking into that myself by this time next week.  There's a
> > good chance there might be an 11/05 coming my way.
> >
> > -ethan
> >
> The console is great for teletype, but otherwise use a M7800 or equiv.
> b

I have had no problems with the RC controlled baud rate generator on the
four 11/05 - 11/10s I have. One is re-tuned to do 9600bps which it do very
well. Downloads large programs using PDP11GUI through the console without
any problems.


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